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Microteck is the leading importer and distributor of Sleep and Respiratory Care Devices

Microteck is the authorised distributor and reseller of Resmed - a global leader in sleep and respiratory care. We have been consistently ranked as No.1 in sales and service of Resmed products in South India. Microteck has a portfolio of world renowned brands in sleep & respiratory medicine with import partners from USA, Australia, France, Germany, Taiwan, China etc.

We have a state of the art, multi-brand sales & service centre for C-pap, Bi-pap, Oxygen Concentrator, Nebuliser, Pulse-oximeter and other critical care equipment and accessories.

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World's leading sleep & respiratory care brands under one roof.

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Microteck's Experience Center showcases the latest in sleep & respiratory care products, solutions and technologies. The experience center offers you an interactive experience through product showcases, hands-on demonstrations, case studies and guidance from our experts.

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Easy Payments

Purchase of devices and accessories can be costly for some patients and hence we offer Easy Payment Plans for select devices. To know more, please give us a call.

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Microteck has been consistently ranked No.1 in sales & service. We have a team of experienced technicians to provide Installation, Maintenance and Warranty support.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the most common sleep disorder. This is mainly characterized by repeated upper airway disturbances during sleep, which causes breathing to stop for some seconds, throughout the night.

People who suffer from OSA may snort, or gasp loudly as the breathing resumes during sleep. It can also cause choking due to obstructed airway. OSA is a condition that occurs when you are asleep. Therefore, it can be difficult to recognize its symptoms on your own. However, knowing the indications of OSA helps in the better understanding of this sleep disorder.

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Sleep Apnea

Why do we Snore?

In simple terms, we snore when our body is not able to move air freely through the nose and throat - while we are asleep. In terms of anatomy, snoring is a result of a partially closed upper airway or the upper respiratory tract – that includes the nose and throat. Excessive relaxation of the neck muscles is the leading reason for snoring.

Snoring disrupts your sleep in more ways than one, and disturbs your bed partner, or people sleeping nearby. However, it poses some serious health risks too..

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CPAP Therapy

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is commonly prescribed to treat sleep apnea, a condition diagnosed via a sleep study. The goal is to improve breathing at night, but how do you know if a treatment such as the CPAP is working well enough?

Miroteck Systems & Solutions provides a seamless therapy system designed to work across the entire patient pathway – from the initial sleep screening, through to every stage of therapy, and healthcare informatics.

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CPAP Device
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